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About Gryphons

A protective and vigilant creature, the gryphon has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. The gryphon myth originated somewhere in the Near or Middle East. It is found depicted in ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian paintings and sculptures. It is believed the myths found life around 3,000 B.C. The gryphon became the Pharoah's companion in Ancient Egypt, and later became sacred guardians in Minoa.

Romans later used the gryphon for decoration and in Christian times the gryphon motif also appears. In Christian symbolism, the gryphon originally represented Satan and evil, but later came to represent Christ, especially his dual nature, both divine and earthly, as the gryphon had mastery of both land and sky and was noble and majestic. Gryphons were said to kill serpents and basilisks, both embodiments of evil, thus protecting mankind. Gryphons symbolize both strength and wisdom combined in heraldry. On medieval buildings, gryphons were often used as gargoyles, great stone guardians.

Gryphon feathers are said to give sight to the blind. Its long claws and talons were large enough that people made them into drinking cups. If poison were served, the cup would change its color. Their nests were very tempting to hunters, so gryphons were forced to keep vigilant guard. Gryphons had instincts that allowed them to know where treasure was, and they would apply themselves to guarding it as best they could, keeping plunderers at distance.

Gryphons are rumored to be the pets of the Gods, having been created in sight of the lion’s bravery and the eagle’s grace and intelligence. It has been said that the Gods wanted a true, pure creature that would defend to the death, but not cause problems otherwise. They saw the lion as the king of beasts, the source of bravery, and the eagle as the source of intelligence and thus, created the gryphon.

Gryphon Consulting strives to embody the characteristics of gryphons within our practice; strength, integrity, wisdom, and guardianship.

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