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Case Studies

Case Studies


A large Boston nonprofit was starting a new project with unique accounting and reporting requirements. The organization did not have the resources to permanently expand the accounting group, yet needed a way to meet the project’s needs.

Gryphon Consulting worked with the project leader to identify specific requirements and served as liaison with the accounting group. Collectively, reporting and resource requirements were decided on.

To aid in the solution, Gryphon Consulting recommended and implemented software to automate highly customized reporting, and trained the staff to ensure the organization’s independence in maintaining the resource. The project was enabled to meet its constituent’s needs and the accounting department was able to provide the necessary information without adding staff.

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A London consulting firm planned to open a US subsidiary. They needed to quickly create a corporation adhering to the cultural and regulatory parameters of the United States. Gryphon Consulting worked with the firm to establish functionality related to employment, insurance, financial reporting, payroll, benefits and banking. The company was able to focus on lead generation and service deliveries instead of unfamiliar operations.

Gryphon Consulting was retained to serve as interim controller until the organization became large enough to warrant an employee dedicated to managing the finance and administrative functions.

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A Boston nonprofit was struggling in an ever-challenging industry. While fundraising successfully remained stable, demand for the organization’s services was growing. Grants and contracts to subsidize services were diminishing and the industry’s regulations became more stringent and costly.

Gryphon Consulting was brought in to trouble-shoot and help the organization move from operating at a loss to breaking even. We worked with senior leadership to create financial and operational changes throughout the organization to salvage financial viability.

We revamped internal operations, renegotiated key contracts, analyzed projects and contracts. This process brought problematic issues to light, and operations and administrative departments were reorganized.

Within one year, the organization moved from operating at a loss to operating with a balanced budget.

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Assessment (1)

A mid-sized retail operation in western Massachusetts wanted to evaluate its internal accounting function. The accounting procedures had evolved since the family-run business’s inception in 1972, but they knew operations were not as efficient or effective as they should be.

Gryphon Consulting began by interviewing staff and thoroughly reviewing the store’s information systems and internal processes. Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the accounting practices combined with gathering external research of current systems and technologies enabled Gryphon Consulting to provide a practical assessment and relevant recommendations.

The report covered Cash Processing and Controls, Accounting Processes, Information Systems, Organization Structure, Risk Management and Strategic Tools. By implementing our recommendations, the store subsequently reduced shrinkage and employee theft, eliminated redundant processes and now provides more meaningful data to management.

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Assessment (2)

A potential investor in a $10M project wished to include analysis of the prospect’s accounting function in his due diligence efforts. Gryphon Consulting was hired to evaluate the effectiveness of the accounting function, its ability to provide critical financial data during a potentially large transition and its ability to handle significant growth.

The areas assessed included Fiscal Control and Organizational Culture, Technology, Accounting Operations, Financial Reporting, Policies and Procedures, and Departmental Structure. As a result of our work, the investor was better able to make a risky decision in an informed and confident manner.

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